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Josephine Gbadamosi

Josephine Gbadamosi

Home Manager

I have been a home manager for many years, with my background in management and social care. I enjoy working at Albany Lodge in particular because the team we have are so wonderfully dedicated and diverse.

I enjoy listening to the residents needs and making sure their home is how they would like. I work closely with their family and friends as well to ensure care is delivered on an individualised level.

I enjoy doing puzzles and cooking, so I often join in some of the residents activities!

Maria Pearson

Head of Housekeeping

I have worked in Albany Lodge Nursing Home for many years and the reason why I love it here is down to the camaraderie of my colleagues and residents alike. The home is warm and friendly, creating an amazing atmosphere for all that live and work here. My focus is on maintaining the hygiene of the home, keeping all areas clean and ensuring the well-being of residents and staff.

Adam Huxley


I take great pleasure in creating and presenting amazing dishes for our residents. The satisfaction I receive whenever I hear a resident say they enjoyed the food is indescribable. I believe that the way in which food is presented plays an essential part of the residents’ health & well-being. With much confidence, I can say I love my job!

Linda Thomson

Linda Thomson

Activity Coordinator

I’m very passionate about my job, I feel it’s an important role and I love working with people as I enjoy knowing I’ve helped put a smile on their face.
Everybody deserves to take part in activities no matter what, so I always try to ensure activities meet individual needs and everyone is heard.
In my spare time, I love spending time with my children and grandchildren.